Our up to date knowledge of car shipping procedures allows us to advise you on the necessary requirements as well as arranging everything necessary before exporting your car to Kenya.

CarSoko Ltd deals with Imports on Behalf of both New and Used cars from South Africa, Japan UK, Germany and all the world.

On your  Behalf We handle all the importation processes including ordering the car, making swift transfer, duty payment, clearing the vehicles at the port of Mombasa and finally delivering the car to your doorsteps.

It doesn’t matter where your are we shall deliver the Car right where you are.

Duty-Free vehicles: Some persons have access to duty-free vehicles facilities, for example, persons with disabilities, returning residents from diaspora and other relevant persons.  For any assistance do not hesitate to contact us in order to get your needs met.

Below are steps involved when importing a vehicle from Japan or UK, for further concerns, feel free to contact us.

Below are steps involved when importing a vehicle from Japan or UK, for further concerns, feel free to contact us.


We get to know the Make, model, year Color and other specs of a car that our client intends to import & give professional advice that we have acquired for a given period of time on matters to do with the Budget, Charges to be involved timeline for delivery among many other issues that we get to advice you on

N.B. Never import any vehicle(s) which is not inspected prior to shipment, otherwise the penalty awaits you at the port of Mombasa. For this reason we work with and our importer agencies to ensure nothing remains before we ship the car to Mombasa.

While the vehicle is still in the high seas, the clearing process starts. IDF (Import Declaration Form) is applied. Documents needed from the client for this process is the ID and the PIN copies.  After the ship docks at the port of Mombasa, port charges, delivery order and duty is paid by our clearing agent. We have 21 days of grace period at the port but vehicle are normally out of the port in approximately 4 ~5 working days. Vehicles leave the port with registration number plates and are ready to be transported to our clients.

Cleared vehicle can be driven to our destination by our experienced drivers to Nairobi which takes one day. Or the other option of transportation is car carrier which takes about 3~5 days to deliver the vehicle to Nairobi.

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